Absolute Anti-theism Is ‘Racism’

And with my second blog post, I immediately re-blog something, rather than write something myself 😛

In any case, what is being said this blog post is very important and I simply had to share it.

Ever experienced being told that you’re crazy because one of your relatives is? Or having your family name associated with that crazy relative’s craziness as if one relative’s actions represented the collective character of the family?

What about being profiled as a mugger, a lazy worker, or a parasitic immigrant because you’re the same colour or eye shape as that mugger, lazy worker, or parasitic immigrant from the other side of town?

That’s how it feels when anti-theists throw around the word ‘religion’ when they mean a specific religion (often, Christianity or Islam) or a specific strain of religion within that specific religion (like Evangelical Protestants or Wahhabists).

Bron: Absolute Anti-theism Is ‘Racism’



I am Agathokles Martinios, you may remember me from the blog “A Young Flemish Hellenist” which I deleted quite a while ago. I have been struggling with some personal issues that I may or may not discuss at a later time, but the main thing is that I feel like starting a blog again. When I deleted my old blog I didn’t save anything. That stuff is all gone, except maybe if someone out there has saved blog posts off mine offline. No matter, this is a new blog, and it deserves new content. Having said that, I will likely address some of the same issues that I did back in the day, but the actual blog post will be wholly new, written from scratch.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me start by introducing myself, and state my intentions for this blog. As you can surmise from this blog’s name, I’m a polytheist, and my pseudonymous surname and the name of my old blog should tell you I am a Hellenic polytheist. This means that I worship many Gods, mainly the Hellenic Gods, through a Hellenic worldview and ritual structure. I am also a cisgender, homosexual, male Fleming, who lives in Flanders, which is northern Belgium.

As for this blog, like the name says, it’s going to be a bunch of stuff on various subjects, whatever strikes my fancy at the time. While a lot of stuff is going to concern Hellenic polytheism, I may also post things about non-Hellenic Gods that I find interesting, about general polytheism and the issues it faces, some personal things maybe, book reviews that are relevant to Hellenic polytheism, or polytheism in general, etc.

I think this just about wraps it up for now. I hope I’ll see you later 😉