Polytheism is Fascism‽


So apparently there’s been an article at Gods & Radicals “Confronting the New Right“, accusing devotional polytheists and those who employ the reconstructionist method for rebuilding polytheist traditions Christianity has stamped out, or attempted to anyway, of being almost inherently fascists. What. the fuck. Continue reading

Location, location, location!

A blogpost by Golden trail on the differences between polytheists on the European side of the Atlantic, and the ones on the American side. Specifically a discussion of four terms that seem to cause the most issues in discussions between people in those discussions.

This year’s only on its third month and already there’s been a fair share of intense debates and disagreements with fellow polytheists. And it has become clear to me – or I’…

Bron: Location, location, location!

The Politics of Sacrifice

About how the modern discourse in “Paganism” against the practice of sacrifice eerily mirrors the ancient Christian attempts to ban the practice and thus undermine the polytheisms of the Roman Empire.


It is ironic that the most vocal of the leftist/anarchist polytheists are of late so adamantly against “blood sacrifice.” They would be in very good company with that generation of Chri…

Bron: The Politics of Sacrifice