The Gods Before Allah — Gangleri’s Grove

A blog post by Galina on the revival of indigenous polytheisms in the Near East, under the rule of Muslims, threatened with death, rape, stoning, and other punishments for apostasy and what not. Do not forget that Islam as an ideology is a system of brutal oppression that seeks the eradication and destruction of anything different from it, mušrikūn (polytheists) most of all. Remember them and pray for them who have to suffer pressures we in the West do not, and pray that we may keep our position. Remember Allāh even, who has been most vilely slandered and co-opted by the source of this evil: Muḥammad, may he suffer ten thousand torments for every defiled shrine, every deity who has been maligned, every priest slain, every worshipper raped, murdered, or forcefully converted, in Tartaros, for taking Allāh’s name and makig him out to be this clestial tyrant that Islām worships.

There is a small but growing group of very brave men and women who are returning to their indigenous Gods, and slowly but surely restoring the pre-Islamic polytheisms of the Middle East. They call their movement ‘Wathan’ and right now, I’m sure you’ve never heard of them. (1) They’re doing good and potent work, and […]

via The Gods Before Allah — Gangleri’s Grove


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