A Month of Devotional Thought… Again.

Χαίρετε πάντες!

It has been a while since I have actually written something on this blog myself. The past few posts have been reblogged from other people’s posts, and before that, there was a quiet period for a while. There is no particular reason for it, I simply either didn’t think I had anything to really talk about or didn’t find the time or motivation to do anything.

Back in August last year, I tried this “Month of Devotional Thought” thing, following the example of greekrevivalistmommy, but with a twist. She was doing a month of daily blog posts on the Goddess Hestia, I was doing a weekly/twice-weekly post about a lesser known Deity. I failed miserably at it. Not counting the post where I announced I was going to do this, I have posted exactly two blog posts for that month, one on Enyo and one on Hebe.

Now greekrevivalistmommy has announced in her latest blog post that she is going to do another Month of Devotional Thought over the course of March, this time dedicated to Hera. She published a list of questions, one for each day, which she will answer in a blog post. I am copying that list below, with some minor formatting adjustments:

  1. Write a basic introduction of the Deity.
  2. How did you become first aware of this Deity?
  3. What are some symbols and icons of this Deity?
  4. Share a favourite myth or myths of this Deity.
  5. Who are members of the family/genealogical connections of this Deity?
  6. What are some other related Deities and entities associated with this Deity?
  7. Discuss this Deity’s names and epithets.
  8. Discuss variations on this deity (aspects, regional forms, etc.).
  9. What are some common mistakes about this Deity?
  10. What are common offerings – historical and UPG?
  11. Talk about festivals, days, and times sacred to this Deity.
  12. What are some places associated with this Deity and their worship?
  13. What modern cultural issues — if any— do you believe are closest to this deity’s heart?
  14. Has worship of this Deity changed in modern times?
  15. Are there any mundane practices that are associated with this Deity?
  16. How do you think this Deity represents the values of their pantheon and cultural origins?
  17. How does this Deity relate to other gods and other pantheons?
  18. How does this Deity stand in terms of gender and sexuality? (historical and/or UPG)
  19. What quality or qualities of this Goddess do you most admire?
  20. What quality or qualities of them do you find the most troubling?
  21. Share any art that reminds you of this Deity.
  22. Share any music that makes you think of this Deity.
  23. Share a quote, a poem, or piece of writing that you think this Deity resonates strongly with.
  24. Share your own composition – a piece of writing about or for this Deity.
  25. Share a time when this Deity has helped you.
  26. Share a time when this Deity has refused to help (I really like this question).
  27. How has your relationship with this Deity changed over time?
  28. What are the worst misconceptions about this Deity that you have encountered?
  29. What is something you wish you knew about this Deity but don’t currently?
  30. Do you have any interesting or unusual UPG to share?
  31. Any suggestions for others just starting to learn about this Deity?

Why am I writing this, you ask? Well, my dear reader, I am writing this to announce that I will seek once more to follow greekrevivalistmommy’s example, this time more closely. I will seek to post daily about Hera, answering the questions greekrevivalistmommy has listed. Sometimes our posts will probably be largely the same in content for the more historical questions, but surely they will vary for the personal ones.

I do not know whether I will be able to answer all questions. For example, I have not had any personal encounters with this Goddess beyond paying her homage with libations and incense and praying for her blessings in a generic way (so no specific requests that have been unequivocally granted or denied). I am unsure how I will fill up those posts if I have nothing on topic to write. Perhaps I shall use those posts to share an ancient hymn dedicated to Her or something I wrote myself. We’ll see.

In order to help me stay true to this resolve, I will have to eliminate any potential distractions that might keep me from it. That would mainly be social media such as Facebook and YouTube. Therefore I will seek to address this problem thusly:

  • I will not turn on my computer immediately upon arrival home after work.
  • Rather, I will make my preparations for daily rituals (i.e. cleaning the shrine, disposing of the previous’ day’s offerings, etc.).
  • Eat dinner.
  • Wash my hands and face (or take a bath, which I do twice to thrice a week).
  • Perform my daily/weekly/monthly rituals.
  • Pour out a libation and recite a hymn to Hera each day during my rituals throughout May.
  • Turn on my computer and either write a post then and there, using the internet solely for the research necessary to do so, or make sure a prewritten post is posted correctly.
  • After all of this is done, only then will I go on Facebook, YouTube, read the RSS-feeds I follow, etc.

Thus I intend to follow through on my resolve to do this Month of Devotional Thought. May Majestic Hera look kindly upon my resolve, and may She support me over the course of its execution.

May the blessings of Cow-eyed Hera, Who Sits Upon a Golden Throne, be upon you!



3 comments on “A Month of Devotional Thought… Again.

  1. Glad you’re jumping back on the horse, I’ve missed your posts. Looking forward to this new month of yours.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interestingly, we are both writing on Hera this month. I look forward to seeing how we differ and how we are similar in how we view Her


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