Hera’s MDT – Day 13: What modern cultural issues are close to Hera?

Χαίρετε πάντες!

Today’s topic is cultural and societal issues that are close to Hera, in my opinion. I want to emphasise that I have not done any divination to ask Hera herself, so this is purely my own thought. Let’s get started.

I think the issues that Hera cares about are mostly related to marriage, which has undergone changes and experiences many troubles in our modern times. First of all, I think she cares about how undervalued the institution is and how people seem to not fully understand the spousal responsibilities. The high divorce rates in the West are I think in part attributable to people not putting in any genuine effort to make relationships work when things go sour a bit. A steady relationship – married or not – requires work from both parties, both need to give and take. And when you hit a rough patch, don’t just stand there, do something to fix things. I saw a meme once of a person asking a retired couple what the secret behind their marital happiness was. And the reply was: “Our marriage is happy because when we were young when things broke you fixed them instead of throwing them away.” This would also indicate a link to our modern consumerist ways when something breaks it can often be easier or cheaper to replace it than to fix it. When one is steeped in that mentality, it’s easy to see how it might start affecting less material things as well over time. It is important to realise that relationships have to be worked on constantly, by all involved parties.

Tying into the marital stuff, Hera definitely would also disapprove of people cheating on their partner. Regardless of whether it is a husband or a wife doing the cheating – or both! The crux of the matter here is, in my opinion, that she is angered about the transgression of the rules set up with the relationship. If there are clear rules about an open relationship or a polyamorous relationship, and the rules are obeyed, I don’t think Hera gives two figs about it. But if the rules are transgressed, her wrath will be with the transgressor, and her sympathy with the injured party or parties.

Also tying into the marriage stuff, there is the issue of spousal abuse. Whether it is physical, emotional, or mental, spousal abuse is a serious issue, and unfortunately, one that is timeless. I would think Hera wholeheartedly support charities working to help out victims of spousal abuse. Marital rape as well. These are even more grievous violations of the institution of marriage that would incur her wrath against the abuser. Therefore a useful way to do something out of devotion to Hera would be to volunteer at such charities and services, to donate money towards helping victims, stand by friends or family members who have suffered it.

To go over to a wholly different issue: statecraft. As a Goddess of the state and protector of rulers, it would naturally incur her wrath if a ruler were to abuse his power and position for any reason, or otherwise commit offences that disgrace their mandate and harm the state. She would thus be supportive of anti-corruption laws, and governmental transparency towards its citizens. I imagine she would support protests against corrupt governments, such as in Romania and South Korea these past few weeks to months.

I can’t think of any other cultural or societal issues that would relate to Hera’s domain, so that’ll be it, for today.



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