Hera’s MDT – Day 18: Sexuality & Gender

Χαίρετε πάντες!

Today’s topic is how Hera relates to sexuality and gender issues.

In my opinion, and I want to emphasise I have not performed any divination to ascertain this, I do not believe Hera gives two figs about who you sleep with, whom you love, or how you identify your gender. I believe she supports marriage equality and equal rights for people who do not conform to the male-female gender binary and for non-heterosexuals. What matters to her is whether one’s romantic/sexual relationship(s) is/are honest. Whether they are consensual. Whether the bounds defined by the people in the relationship are respected by all involved. When it comes to polyamorous couples I am a bit more unsure, though I also don’t really see why she might object, as long as the relationship is honest and the bounds placed upon it by the participants are respected.

The ancient Hellenes didn’t have the understanding of human sexuality and gender identity that we do today. And those things certainly didn’t matter when it came to marriage. We, present-day people, marry out of love (ideally), but the ancients married to forge alliances between families, and with the intention to produce legitimate (male) heirs. That means marriage could only occur between a biological male and a biological female, who were expected to fulfil the roles society placed upon them and to make babies, to carry on the lineage. Whether they loved each other, whether they were even attracted to the other sex, was completely beside the point to them. Not for us today, though. The primary reason to marry is out of love, even if our families might disapprove of our partners, and a couple has every right to decide not to have babies for whichever reason.

I think I have said about everything I want to say on this topic, so that’ll be it for today A rather short post.



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