Hera’s MDT – Day 20: What trait of Hera do I find troublesome?

Χαίρετε πάντες!

Today’s topic is the opposite of yesterday’s: what trait of Hera do I find most troublesome.

I do not actually find any traits troublesome, not any that are truly Hera’s. If there is one thing troublesome, it is the way some of her traits are construed in popular culture. The number one most troublesome trait of Hera is her seemingly irrational wrathfulness, her vindictive acts against people who do not all seemingly deserve the treatment she gives them. Examples are her persecution of Herakles, her forbidding Leto to give birth on any land in existence (eventually she found refuge on the island of Delos that rose up out of the sea to aid her after Leto promised Delos would become the main sanctuary for her children and would always be honoured by them and have many people come to it with offerings), her wrath against the Trojans because Paris awarded Eris’s apple to Aphrodite instead of her, the episode with Io, etc. While all these acts have much deeper meaning than meets the eye at first glance, stooped in allegory and symbolism as all myths are, popular culture mixed with the monotheist triumphalist outlook that our modern world, unfortunately, has leads many to dismiss her as a vindictive bitch and a jealous shrew who needs to get the fuck over herself. These are very unfortunate misunderstandings that have arisen about her, and which even the ancient philosophers found troublesome in the works of the poets.

In short, her most troublesome trait is not a true trait of hers, but rather one that is misunderstood and misconstrued constantly in popular culture. We have a long way to go to change popular perceptions, but for the glory of Hera (and all Gods), we must persevere in combatting the misconceptions.



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