Hera’s MDT – Day 22: Music that Reminds me of Hera

Χαίρετε πάντες!

Today’s topic is similar to yesterday’s, I will share a piece fo music that reminds me of Hera.

As you can see, it is the classic song by Gloria Gaynor: “I Will Survive”. It reminds me of her because it ties in with the traits I admire in her. Her strength, her power, her confidence, her majesty. The song is about finding the strength within yourself to not let yourself get used by someone who takes advantage of you. To find the strength to refuse that person seeking re-admittance in your life. To have the confidence to face them and tell them to fuck off. As the song specifically is about a woman who was abandoned by a manipulative lover and now faced with him being back, I think Hera would like this because the woman chooses not to allow herself to be victimised again by this manipulative scumbag. As I indicated in previous posts, one of the things Hera would supports is victims of cheaters, abusive spouses/partners, marital rape, and she would support them in finding the strength to overcome their victimhood, to love their life free again, in defiance against the suffering they endured. This is why this song reminds me of Hera.



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