Hera’s MDT – Day 27: How has my relationship with Hera changed over time?

Χαίρετε πάντες!

Today’s topic is how my relationship with Hera has changed over time.

This is a rather simple question to answer, before this month I didn’t have much of a relationship with Hera. I honoured Her, of course, from time to time, and at festivals and sacred days involving Her, but nothing really profound. Since a few months ago, I have taken to having a more regular worship schedule by worshipping Gods weekly, that is the Gods associated with the planets after which the days are named: Selene, Ares, Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, Kronos, and Helios. Then I started adding in related Deities. Apollon, Asklepios, and Hygieia together with Helios, Artemis and Leto together with Selene, etc. On Thursdays that meant worshipping both Zeus and Hera, the Divine Royal Couple.

Then I got the idea of doing this Month of Devotional Thought to Hera after reading greekrevivalistmommy‘s intention of doing this. I just thought: “You know I don’t spend as much time thinking about and worshipping Hera, maybe this is a good opportunity to really delve into Hera and get to know Her more closely.” So I have been doing and I have worshipped Her each day, not just Thursdays, asking Her to look kindly upon my efforts to honour Her each day with a blog post. And last Friday, Aphrodite’s Day, I even prayed to Aphrodite Hera and after that to Hera Aphrodite to help me in my search for love. Maybe by praying to both I will get better results >_>


Image taken from Gangleri’s Grove, 27 March 2017.

Since I was focusing on Hera so much I also took the prayer card of Hera that I had lying around and placed it on my main shrine. It is a prayer card with an image by K. Bass, with a prayer on the back by GinandJack (BPN). I have put the image of the prayer card above this paragraph. You can check out this card and more on Galina Krasskova’s website, and order prayer cards from Galina at US$ 4,00 each here. You can also donate to her ongoing projects to get more prayer cards made. Be sure to check that out.

During my worship of Hera this month I do feel like I have been and am developing a better relationship with her, and have felt her presence several times when worshipping Her and praying to Her. It’s usually manifested as this strange feeling in my gut, kind of like “butterflies in the stomach” when you’re in love, but not quite the same. Honestly, I will probably continue to honour Hera daily even after this Month of Devotional thought is over. It seems fitting for a homosexual man, as gay men can be called “queen” in English slang, to honour the Queen of the Gods.

That’s about it for this post.



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