Hera’s Month of Devotional Thought: Epilogue and Index

Χαίρετε πάντες!

For today, I’d like to do a little epilogue about my experiences doing this Month of Devotional thought, as well as put an index of my posts at the end.


This month has been extremely fruitful. I have explored Hera and her worship very deeply this past month, more so than I usually do. Delving into a Deity and their worship is something I’ll definitely be doing again in the future. I have learned a great deal about Hera that I didn’t know yet. I have honoured Hera daily, with a libation at least, but always striving towards holding a more extensive ritual than a simple libation. My relationship with Hera has grown, at least I feel so, and I will seek to continue to nurture that.

I may make a compilation article at a later time, compiling what I have learned and found and publishing it on Academia.edu or something. I am unsure of this yet. What I am sure of is that I will be making a new group on Facebook honouring Hera. It is called “Hera, Argeia to Teleia“. Feel free to join 🙂

Anyways, I’ll round thing up now by simply providing you with an index of all my posts, below.


  1. Basic Introduction
  2. How I became aware of Hera
  3. Symbols & Attributes

  4. A Few of my Favourite Myths

  5. Family & Genealogy

  6. Other Related Deities

  7. Names & Epithets

  8. Regional Variations

  9. Common Mistakes

  10. Common Offerings

  11. Festivals & Holy Days

  12. Holy Places

  13. What modern cultural issues are close to Hera?

  14. Has worship of Hera changed in modern times?
  15. Mundane Practices

  16. How does Hera represent Hellenic values?

  17. How does Hera relate to other pantheons?

  18. Sexuality & Gender

  19. What trait of Hera to I admire?

  20. What trait of Hera do I find troublesome?

  21. Art that Reminds me of Hera

  22. Music that Reminds me of Hera

  23. Poetry that Reminds me of Hera

  24. Own Composition

  25. Sharing a time when Hera helped me

  26. Sharing a time when Hera didn’t help me

  27. How has my relationship with Hera changed over time?

  28. What are the worst misconceptions about Hera?

  29. What do I wish I knew about Hera?

  30. Interesting UPG

  31. Tips for Newbies



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