Hephaistos’ MDT – Day 2: How I first became aware of Hephaistos

Χαίρετε πάντες!

Today I will discuss how I first became aware of Hephaistos. This story is actually pretty much identical to the same topic post I did for Hera, so you can largely go read that and simply replace Hera with Hephaistos. To summarise the story: I have had a voracious interest in Greek and Roman Antiquity since childhood, so it is since my childhood that I must have been aware of Hephaistos. Unfortunately, I can not recall any specific instance where I learned of him or about him.

Unlike Hera, he isn’t widely reviled for being a vengeful bitch or a prude who needs to loosen up in popular culture. Though perhaps many might feel pity for him for how he was abandoned by his mother and/or father and thrown off Olympos, for how he was cheated on by his first wife on their wedding night, for his handicap,… I never did feel pity for him, however, I do not feel he needs it or even that his circumstances warrant it.

This is the guy who despite all his misfortunes managed to not just trap his mother and Queen of the Gods, but by doing so managed to reclaim his rightful place on Olympos, all by his own will and wit and craft. He is to be greatly admired. He didn’t wallow in self-pity, he spat right in the face of his misfortunes and got himself out of it by his own strength. When his wife cheated on him he caught her and her lover in the act in another trap. He made many great marvels and has a role to play in the creation of mankind (indirectly) and womankind (very directly).

But I digress. When I discovered Hellenismos I included him in my general worship, though I have not really honoured him all that regularly individually. Usually, it was more under the moniker of “all the Gods”. I hope to increase my awareness of Hephaistos and to offer him some individual worship throughout this month in order to improve my understanding and relationship with him.

May He look upon my efforts with kindness and bless me in my works.


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