Hephaistos’ MDT – Day 9: Common Mistakes

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

This will be a short post today, on the topic of common mistakes about Hephaistos.

To my knowledge, there aren’t really any common mistakes about Hephaistos. I have never encountered such a thing for this Deity. He differs from his mother in this, who is often seen as a vengeful bitch or a prude shrew in popular culture. He also differs from his father (in some accounts), who often blasted for his many mythical infidelities. Nothing of that scale exists, I think for Hephaistos. However, if anyone knows of any, please do post them in the comments, it would be a learning opportunity for me.

The only thing I might conceive as a misunderstanding about Hephaistos is that given all he’s been through, that he is pitiable. I disagree with that thought. He looked his misfortunes into the eye and then spit into that eye. By his own strength and ingenuity he managed to reclaim his place on Olympos and reconciliation took place. He is admirable, an example of not letting one’s adversities overcome you. He is also a foundation of culture and civilisation, as the Orphic Hymn to him states, he lives in every house, he rules every polity, he is present amongst all peoples, and he burns within each and every one of us.



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