Hephaistos’ MDT – Day 13: What modern cultural issues are close to Hephaistos?

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today’s actual topic, after having to get p to speed with my earlier post that I forgot to do yesterday, is what modern cultural issues would concern Hephaistos. To borrow a phrase of anime-reviewer Arkada from the YouTube-channel Glass Reflection, “Let’s jam” *snaps fingers*.

As a God of Manual Labour, Craftsmen, Smiths, Industry, etc., I think worker’s rights would be very much up Hephaistos’ alley. The rights of the common man/women/whatever-you-identify-as would be within his domain. So, as an act done out of devotion to him, you could take up causes that seek to improve working conditions, safety regulations, and other issues commonly faced by professions which in some way involve manual labour. I’ve indicated this in the past already. As does the other issue I will discuss.

As a Lame God, I believe the rights of disabled people also concern Hephaistos greatly. Particularly of those with physical disabilities, but perhaps also people with mental disabilities. Like I mentioned in a previous post, those later may rather fall under the domain of Athena, particularly as Athena Hygieia. When Athena received the epithet Hygieia and Hygieia was also introduced as a separate Goddess in Athenian cult, I think the separation between domains was eventually settled around physical health concerning Hygieia, the daughter or wife (traditions vary on which she is) of Asklepios, and mental health concerning Athena Hygieia.

In any case, I think Hephaistos can be a powerful God for people with disabilities to worship, as he shows that disability does not mean non-ability – something that abled people sometimes/often assume – that people with disabilities can still contribute to society and be valuable members of the community. That they shouldn’t be relegated to the margins of society and regarded with pity and/or contempt.

Therefore, as an act of devotion towards the Lame God and Divine Artificer, one can support causes in their country/state/province/city/town/etc. to bolster the rights of labourers and the disabled, whether monetarily through donations, or by participation in demonstrations for their rights, or by volunteering in charities seeking to help these groups of people.

May Hephaistos smile upon such efforts!



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