Hephaistos’ MDT – Day 18: Sexuality & Gender

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today will be a short post, I think, as it concerns where Hephaistos stands on sexuality and gender issues.

Gender and sexuality issues are not in any way part of Hephaistos domain, so I frankly don’t think he gives two figs about what gender or sexual identity one has. According to myth, he was raised either by Thetis as a single foster mother, or by Thetis and her sister Eurynome, so with two foster mothers. Therefore, I feel he certainly would have nothing against same-sex couples, let alone if they raised children.

In general, I just feel gender and sexuality is a non-issue for Hephaistos, he’d care about whether one does their job correctly and learns their trade – if a craftsman/-women or manual labourer in some way.

Given the whole Aphrodite cheating on him episode in his mythology, I would, however, believe he’s very much opposed to cheaters and betrayal of trust in a relationship. Honesty in a relationship is, in my humble opinion, is very important to him, I don’t even think he’s opposed to polyamorous relationships, as long as they are honest. I also conjecture that he’d be averse to vanity and superficiality, people who don’t really look beyond the surface and judge people by what’s on the outside, not inside. This, again, is my conjecture based on him being described as Lame and malformed, yet having a keen mind and honed skills in craftsmanships of every kind.

Finally, I want to stress this is my personal ideas and conjecture, I have not performed any divination to ascertain this is what Hephaistos thinks and feels. This post has become a bit longer than I expected. But that’ll be all, for now.


One comment on “Hephaistos’ MDT – Day 18: Sexuality & Gender

  1. I completely agree with your conjecture here. That sounds very much like Hephaistos to me.


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