Hephaistos’ MDT – Day 29: What do I wish I knew about Hephaistos?

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today I will discuss something I wish I knew more about in regards to Hephaistos.

During this month of devotional thought, I came across one issue that irks me a bit. I was unable to find a great deal of information about Hephaistos cult on Lemnos. As Patron Deity of this island, there must have been various festivals relating to his mythology and to various craftsmen, there must have been some sort of Mysteries of Hephaistos, etc. Yet I was unable to find anything beyond the mention that he is a much-worshipped God on the island, and various instances where it is mentioned people were celebrating a festival in his honour but never specifying its name or what it was about exactly. So I wish we knew more about Hephaistos’ cult on Lemnos.


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