An Advertisement on the Environment

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

I came across an advertisement on Facebook that is about not leaving our garbage just anywhere. It specifically features a guy sunbathing at the beach, who drops a piece of plastic wrapper on the ground because he’s too lazy to go put it in the bin a bit away. The wind then carries the wrapper away and drops it into the sea. At this point, Poseidon – or another Sea Deity – rises out of the water, bends over to bring his scowling face right up to the frightened man, plucks the wrapper from his nose, and flicks it onto the man’s face. he then retreats back into the sea, indicating he’s keeping an eye on the man. The man is shocked and is then shown to put the wrapper into the bin, at which point the advertisement ends.

Here is the video, on YouTube:

I am sharing this on my blog for the following reason: as believers in and worshippers of the Gods, these Gods are present within the things they rule over. In the example of the add, Poseidon, as well as various other Sea and Oceanic Deities, are present within the sea. By the pollution, humanity causes we are are in part literally polluting our Gods and their presence within their domains, and our ability to interact with them free from pollution – physical and/or spiritual.

One thing we can do, even as individuals is to consciously spend time to clean up our surroundings, or go to a park or forest, river, creek, beach, etc., and clean up a part of it, within our means of doing so. This is a part, in my opinion, of being a pious polytheist. Gods and spirits in the locality will be pleased by this so it can help you forge bonds with local Deities.

For this reason, the add appealed to me very much. And I admit that I haven’t really done something like this, other than simply making sure to put my garbage in garbage bins and not letting it just lie about. It’s something to work on.



One comment on “An Advertisement on the Environment

  1. Awesome post. I heard recently on National Public Radio that most of the plastic in the oceans originated from land, in much the way described in the ad. We need to be vigilant! Blessed be, Rev Su


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