Poseidon’s MDT – Day 10: Common Offerings

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today’s topic is the offerings that were typically given to Poseidon, both historically and in terms of my own UPG. I don’t really have any UPG on this, though I will make some suggestions people can try out.

One of the major sacrifices to Poseidon would probably be bulls. They are strongly connected to him and the violation of an agreement to sacrifice a certain bull caused the whole mythical episode of the Minotauros. While it may be impractical today because of regulations of one’s country, or simply because of a lack of large enough communities with farmers amongst them that have livestock, these were major sacrifices in antiquity and represented a major investment from the community making the sacrifice. In our modern day, making a cake in the shape of an animal could suffice, similar things were sometimes done in antiquity.

I do not think the same holds true for horses. Horses don’t usually appear in the list of common offerings, tout court, and I don’t think the Hellenes would sacrifice a horse to a Deity, even if that Deity is their creator. I do believe horse sacrifice was practised amongst the Thracians so the Hellenes might have considered it barbaric and un-Hellenic.

Despite Poseidon being the God of the Sea, I don’t think fish were sacrificed. Certainly not in the same way as land-based animals were. Perhaps dishes incorporating seafood could be offered to the Deity, with a portion going to the God and the rest being consumed by the worshippers (similar to how sacrificial meat would be consumed by the worshippers while the bones and fat were burnt to the Deity). In any case, I think that might be a good idea in terms of modern food offerings to Poseidon, offer him a plate of the food and eating the rest. I would advise eating the food offered to Poseidon, however.

The Orphic Hymns mention myrrh as the incense to be used for Poseidon. While it is unknown why certain incenses were attributed to a specific Deity, it couldn’t hurt to follow it. I do not think, however, that Poseidon would particularly mind frankincense, storax/benzoin, or anything else you feel appropriate. Just be mindful of any signs he may give that he does not, in fact, like that particular incense. One could try pine scented incense and see if he likes that. Signs of displeasure may come from the incense consistently failing to burn properly, even if nothing seems amiss with the stick or cone. I had this happen with dragon’s blood incense several years ago, pretty consistently and across different Deities. So once the supply I had was gone I never used it again.

In terms of libations, I think water and wine are good typical offerings, although perhaps he may take a liking to other liquids such as rum or whiskey and other drinks commonly drunk by sailors and seamen. You can try out libating different things and see what Poseidon seems to like or what he tells you via divination to do.

Obviously, reciting or singing hymns or poems, especially if they are your own compositions, would be greatly appreciated, as would anything you make yourself and put effort into making.

I think that covers most of this topic, if not all, so I’ll leave it at this.



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