Poseidon’s MDT – Day 18: Sexuality & Gender

Xαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Before we start, a little explanation for my absence the past few days. For the past two days, I have been unable to access to my computer and thus been unable to write the blog posts. This is because of circumstances I could not avoid. Unfortunately, I had also neglected to prepare the posts that should have been published beforehand. Luckily, I have access to my computer now and will try and prepare for these things better in the future. Now, to catch up with the posts: where does Poseidon stand on gender and sexuality?

The answer is very simple, I don’t think Poseidon really cares. A few myths of his tell the story of his love for Nerites and Pelops. One divine and one mortal man. These are two famous examples of his homosexual affairs, perhaps more are known, but I am not aware of them. Likewise, there were probably some more that we don’t know of.

So, given these myths, I don’t think Poseidon objects to homosexuality and bisexuality or any sexuality. And while there is nothing that I know of to suggest where he stands regarding gender identity – a concept that would have been utterly alien to the ancient Hellenes, as their understanding of human sexuality and gender was rather limited compared to ours – I also don’t think he really cares. It doesn’t really relate in any way to his domains, he’d probably care much more whether you are pious and devoted, whether you are a good sailor or horseback rider, or whatever other profession is related to his domains.

TL;DR Poseidon doesn’t give a fuck about your sexual orientation or gender identity, in my humble opinion.



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