Demeter’s MDT – Day 18: Sexuality & Gender

Xαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today I will discuss gender and sexuality and how Demeter relates to it, in my opinion.

I believe that gender and sexuality and love are not area’s that Demeter is very invested in, they are not the core of her domain. However, as a Goddess who grants fertility to crops and livestock, she also grants fertility to humans. Given that her major festivals in the Attic calendar appear to be heavily focused on women, with men almost entirely left out of it, she might even be more specifically focused on the fertility of women who seek to become pregnant. Therefore she would be an appropriate Goddess to pray to for having children.

In terms of sexuality, I don’t really feel she cares much about it. Consent probably would be far more important to Demeter than who one sleeps with or how they identify gender-wise. I do feel that she also would not tolerate cheating, nor would she be very fond of crazy exes. Just look what happened to Minthe when she went bragging that Haides’ infatuation with Persephone would be over quickly and then he’d have Minthe back. Didn’t end well for Minthe.

Concerning cheating, I define this as breaking the principles and agreements of the relationship, so if people have a happy, polyamorous relationship, I don’t think she’d object to it. Again, love and sexuality aren’t really much of a focus for Demeter. So if no one violates the relationship and the trust it is based on, I don’t really think Demeter cares.

That will be all, for now.



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