Demeter’s MDT – Day 25: Sharing a time when Demeter helped me

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today, like usual, I have nothing on topic to share. So I will share the Orphic Hymn to Demeter instead.

First in Hellenic:

Δηώ, παμμήτειρα θεά, πολυώνυμε δαῖμον,
σεμνὴ Δήμητερ, κουροτρόφε, ὀλβιοδῶτι,
πλουτοδότειρα θεά, σταχυοτρόφε, παντοδότειρα,
εἰρήνῃ χαίρουσα καὶ ἐργασίαις πολυμόχθοις,
σπερμεία, σωρῖτι, ἀλωαία, χλοόκαρπε,
ἣ ναίεις ἁγνοῖσιν Ἐλευσῖνος γυάλοισιν,
ἱμερόεσσ’, ἐρατή, θνητῶν θρέπτειρα προπάντων,
ἡ πρώτη ζεύξασα βοῶν ἀροτῆρα τένοντα
καὶ βίον ἱμερόεντα βροτοῖς πολύολβον ἀνεῖσα,
αὐξιθαλής, Βρομίοιο συνέστιος, ἀγλαότιμος,
λαμπαδόεσσ’, ἁγνή, δρεπάνοις χαίρουσα θερείοις
σὺ χθονία, σὺ δὲ φαινομένη, σὺ δε πᾶσι προσηνής
εὔτεκνε, παιδοφίλη, σεμνή, κουροτρόφε κούρα,
ἅρμα δρακοντείοισιν ὑποζεύξασα χαλινοῖς
ἐγκυκλίοις δίναις περὶ σὸν θρόνον εὐάζουσα,
μουνογενής, πολύτεκνε θεά, πολυπότνια θνητοῖς,
ἧς πολλαὶ μορφαί, πολυάνθεμοι, ἱεροθαλεῖς.
ἐλθέ, μάκαιρ’, ἁγνή, καρποῖς βρίθουσα θερείοις,
εἰρήνην κατάγουσα καὶ εὐνομίην ἐρατεινὴν
καὶ πλοῦτον πολύολβον, ὁμοῦ δ’ ὑγίειαν ἄνασσαν.

And now in the Thomas Taylor translation, chosen because it is copyright free:

O Universal mother, Ceres [Deo] fam’d august,
the source of wealth, and various nam’d:
Great nurse, all-bounteous, blessed and divine,
who joy’st in peace, to nourish corn is thine:
Goddess of seed, of fruits abundant, fair,
harvest and threshing, are thy constant care;
Who dwell’st in Eleusina’s seats retir’d,
lovely, delightful queen, by all desir’d.
Nurse of all mortals, whose benignant mind,
first ploughing oxen to the yoke confin’d;
And gave to men, what nature’s wants require,
with plenteous means of bliss which all desire.
In verdure flourishing in honor bright,
assessor of great Bacchus [Bromios], bearing light:
Rejoicing in the reapers sickles, kind,
whose nature lucid, earthly, pure, we find.
Prolific, venerable, Nurse divine,
thy daughter loving, holy Proserpine [Koure]:
A car with dragons yok’d, ’tis thine to guide,
and orgies singing round thy throne to ride:
Only-begotten, much-producing queen,
all flowers are thine and fruits of lovely green.
Bright Goddess, come, with Summer’s rich increase
swelling and pregnant, leading smiling Peace;
Come, with fair Concord and imperial Health,
and join with these a needful store of wealth.

That is all for today.



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