Zeus’s MDT – Day 28: What are the worst misconceptions about Zeus?

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today’s topic is the worst misconceptions about Zeus. However, I kind of already wrote about this extensively in Zeus’s MDT – Day 9: Common Mistakes. I have nothing new to add to this really. So I’ll leave this post at linking back to the ninth post of this MDT.


Zeus’s MDT – Day 26: Sharing a time when Zeus did not help me

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today I am supposed to share a time when Zeus did not help me. However, I can’t really think of a particular time when I prayed to Zeus for something and didn’t get it. SO I have nothing to share. Therefore I am sharing the Homeric Hymn to Zeus today.

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