On the Worship of Kronos


Today, since it’s the time for the Kronia festival in the Classical Attic calendar that most Hellenic polytheists use (in greater or lesser degree), I thought it would be a good time to talk about the worship of Kronos. Because sometimes people, mainly newbies, are utterly surprised that Kronos is actually worshipped, as he is usually imagined an absolute villain, cast into Tartaros forever. Also, in more recent times, Percy Jackson might have something to do with these perceptions. So let’s dive in, shall we?

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New Moon Shenanigans


Today I’m going to talk about perhaps one of the most annoying parts of practicing Hellenic polytheism. The dating of the Noumenia on the appropriate lunar phase. Because there is a lot of confusion sometimes about this, and even I, who has been doing this for years now, sometimes get mistaken. So here we go. Continue reading