Finding the Gods during Depression

A good post on the effects depression can have on daily practice and practice in general.

Khernips & Coffee

I’m literally laughing at myself because when I’m catching the bug to write again after coming out of depressive episode, the first thing I see when open the blog up is the title of my last post on the importance of daily practice.  A couple of weeks ago, while I was right smack dab in the middle of Elaion’s week long observance of the Eleusinian  Mysteries I had a full on meltdown. Gender dysphoria mixed with a really unhealthy ability to let the little things go hit me like a mac truck at full speed and I just stopped. Overly simple of a description, I know, but that’s what happened. I stopped enjoying anything my day brought me and just spiritually and emotionally shut down. Pull the plug. He’s dead Jim. What ever other phrase you have – just pour it all over the Ecco of two weeks ago because…

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PSA: Last few days to get your Sobek Devotional submissions in!

Just a few more days until the submission period for the SObek devotional by Sashataakheru ends.

Per Sebek

That’s right, we’re down to the last four days! If you’ve got anything at all you want to submit to the devotional, SEND IT IN NOW –>


Submissions close on Dec 31st, that’s your last chance to get your work included in the anthology! Spread this far and wide, and get your submissions in now!

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SALE at Wyrd Curiosities

Galina Krasskova is holding a sale on her Etsy shop. If you have checked out the “Month of Devotional THought”-tabs on the top of my blog, the pages have the image of a prayer card to the Deity of that month, which you can purchase from Galina Krasskova on her Etsy shop, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested.

Gangleri's Grove

To celebrate the upcoming autumnal equinox, I am running a sale in my etsy shop. From now through September 30 all prayer cards, art, and paintings will receive ten percent off when buyers apply the coupon code AUTUMN. Check it out, folks. 

Also, just a reminder, Persephone’s Agon runs through Sept. 30. If you have a devotion to this Goddess, please consider submitting something. There are prizes and everyone who submits receives a prayer card. 

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“Radical” Muslims destroy Hindu temples and violate Hindu homes during Diwali. — Gangleri’s Grove

Never forget or underestimate the threat that monotheism poses to us.


Muslims violated the festival of Diwali this past weekend, destroying 15 Hindu temples and 200 Hindu homes. See article here and here for the full story. I hope that those affected by this vile desecration of their sacred spaces, Gods, and festival take appropriate action.

via “Radical” Muslims destroy Hindu temples and violate Hindu homes during Diwali. — Gangleri’s Grove

So… about that monthly devotional thing…

Χαίρετε πάντες!

So, as I am sure you noticed, the Monthly Devotional thing that I was doing where I was posting about less well-known Deities kind of stranded a while ago, and I haven’t posted anything since. This is another case of not finding the time or not wanting to make the mental effort of doing this.

Partly my work makes it so I have less time than I had before, and while it isn’t the most intellectually demanding job, it is mentally draining over the day because I need to be focused. This means I want to use my diminished amount of free time – my job is full-time, 9-to-5 job, five days a week – to recharge, which means I have even less time for hobbies or other forms of spending my free time with  mentally demanding activities.

My genealogy and learning Portuguese have also suffered because of this. As in, I haven’t actually done those things in months, save recently updating my family tree with the marriage of a cousin of my dads.

But I digress. The point is I can’t really promise to post regularly, even when I have announced I will try to do so. I’m afraid for the time being everyone (including myself) will have to make do with that.


Attack on Cultus Deorum


Today I’m going to write about something that happened just last night, with which I became intimately involved. The Cultus Deorum group on Facebook has disappeared. And it seems like an organised attack on Roman polytheist groups, as others also have vanished. Moreso, the very same thing happened over a year ago to the Hellenic Polytheistic Community group. Continue reading