Pagans We Are does TEDx (video inside) — pagansweare

A blog post on the situation of Korean shamanism/polytheism on Jeju island, and the plight of the people of Jeju to hold on to their traditions and protect their sacred space and shrines.

This past November, I gave a TEDx talk on Jeju Island, where I’ve been documenting shamanic shrine culture for the past five years, as you well know if you follow my blog. I talk about my video and photography work and the importance of preserving sacred spaces, many of which are in danger on […]

via Pagans We Are does TEDx (video inside) — pagansweare

Polytheism is Fascism‽


So apparently there’s been an article at Gods & Radicals “Confronting the New Right“, accusing devotional polytheists and those who employ the reconstructionist method for rebuilding polytheist traditions Christianity has stamped out, or attempted to anyway, of being almost inherently fascists. What. the fuck. Continue reading