Hindu temple destroyed and households attacked in Mannar (Sri Lanka) by Christians.

Christian love in action.

Struggle for Hindu Existence

Catholic Attack on Hindu temple and households at Vellankulam, Mannar (Sri Lanka) to Christianize the locality.

B Upendran | HENB | Chennai | May 2, 2017:: Former UN adviser on food and agriculture, a Tamil Scholar and Chief Coordinator of ‘Siva Cheanai’ in Jaffna, Maravanpulavu K. Sachithananthan has reported the recurring Catholic conspiracy in Mannar District, northern province of Sri Lanka. Sachithananthan also reported the destruction of a Pillayaar temple at Vellaankulam, in Mannar district.

Catholic priest in charge of the parish Devanpiddy, a village to the west of Vellankulam towards the coastline led the vandals at midnight on 23rd/ 24th April to destroy the Pillayar temple and attack the Hindu residents causing extensive damage to Hindus and their properties.

A police case has been registered. Government officials including the Provincial Police Director, Hindu Cultural Officer had visited the site of vandalization but no action has been taken to arrest…

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The Problem With Neo-Paganism

Sacred Blasphemies

In my head, I’ve been flirting with the idea of starting some sort of Hindu group geared towards modern polytheists. As a polytheist who worships Hindu deities, I know that I’m not alone. I wish that there was a group that focused on Hinduism but open to (if not oriented to) Westerners.

I mean, there is already. It’s called ISKCON (best known as the Hare Krishna movement). Despite being linked with hippie counterculturalism, it’s actually very much in-line with traditional conservative Hinduism down to the sattvik diet (vegetarian with no onions or garlic), celibacy before marriage, and behavior/morality (no drinking, smoking, or drugs).

I want to see a Shakta (or Goddess-worshipping) version of that, though I’m unconvinced that I have the knowledge or skill to do so. Especially given that I am not an initiate of any Shakta tradition.

Recently, I had an e-mail exchange regarding Shakta Tantra and Paganism…

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Pagans We Are does TEDx (video inside) — pagansweare

A blog post on the situation of Korean shamanism/polytheism on Jeju island, and the plight of the people of Jeju to hold on to their traditions and protect their sacred space and shrines.

This past November, I gave a TEDx talk on Jeju Island, where I’ve been documenting shamanic shrine culture for the past five years, as you well know if you follow my blog. I talk about my video and photography work and the importance of preserving sacred spaces, many of which are in danger on […]

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Postmodernism and Miasma — Polytheism Uncucked

Disgust is an instinct which saves us from eating contaminated foods and poisons. We feel a sense of revulsion upon seeing vomit, rotten meat, excrement — all things which would sicken and kill us should we consume them. As Daniel Kelly, author of Yuck! The Nature and Moral Significance of Disgust says: You have this […]

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Distractions, distractions — Gangleri’s Grove

An article by Galina Krasskova on the inherent oppressiveness and colonialism of monotheism.

So a facebook friend posted this image on his page and a rather lively discussion ensued. Apparently the statement above is incomprehensible to some Heathens. I for one, fully support it and while it is a First Nations person pictured, I think it holds true for all of us. I can see however, I’m going […]

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The Gods Before Allah — Gangleri’s Grove

A blog post by Galina on the revival of indigenous polytheisms in the Near East, under the rule of Muslims, threatened with death, rape, stoning, and other punishments for apostasy and what not. Do not forget that Islam as an ideology is a system of brutal oppression that seeks the eradication and destruction of anything different from it, mušrikūn (polytheists) most of all. Remember them and pray for them who have to suffer pressures we in the West do not, and pray that we may keep our position. Remember Allāh even, who has been most vilely slandered and co-opted by the source of this evil: Muḥammad, may he suffer ten thousand torments for every defiled shrine, every deity who has been maligned, every priest slain, every worshipper raped, murdered, or forcefully converted, in Tartaros, for taking Allāh’s name and makig him out to be this clestial tyrant that Islām worships.

There is a small but growing group of very brave men and women who are returning to their indigenous Gods, and slowly but surely restoring the pre-Islamic polytheisms of the Middle East. They call their movement ‘Wathan’ and right now, I’m sure you’ve never heard of them. (1) They’re doing good and potent work, and […]

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Big Fundraiser for Special Series of Prayer Cards — Gangleri’s Grove

My friend Galina is soliciting for donations for a novena project of hers, and depending on the amount of money you donate, you’ll get some goodies. Please consider donating to her project, because we need more polyteistic, devotional works out there.

Ok, folks, I’m reaching out for help for this project. I wrote the novena book “Honoring the Mothers’ (which will be available soon), because I kept feeling pushed by Hermes and Dionysos to do something for Their Mothers. Then I realized that while many of these women had cultus in the ancient world, we don’t […]

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