Reaction to “The Hearth of Hellenism: An Open Letter to Mary Beard”

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Today I came across a piece on Patheos where Angelo Nasios reacts to claims from the famous British Classics scholar Mary Beard, that because there are no modern believers in the ancient Gods she can make controversial claims without having to look over her back. You can read the blog post by Angelo Nasios here. Continue reading


Poseidon’s MDT – Day 10: Common Offerings

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Today’s topic is the offerings that were typically given to Poseidon, both historically and in terms of my own UPG. I don’t really have any UPG on this, though I will make some suggestions people can try out.

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Some Thoughts on Gadhimai

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Today I will reblog something I wrote myself almost a year ago before I started blogging for myself again. It was originally posted on the 31st of July, 2015, on a blog which I shared with Galina Krasskova (Gangleri’s Grove) and Tess Dawson (Canaanite). This blog has since been put on private and is only visible to me, Galina, and Tess, because the project never really got off the ground. Therefore, I am now reproducing the blog post below, having made some grammatical and stylistic edits, as well as a few places where I formulated things differently.

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The Politics of Sacrifice

About how the modern discourse in “Paganism” against the practice of sacrifice eerily mirrors the ancient Christian attempts to ban the practice and thus undermine the polytheisms of the Roman Empire.


It is ironic that the most vocal of the leftist/anarchist polytheists are of late so adamantly against “blood sacrifice.” They would be in very good company with that generation of Chri…

Bron: The Politics of Sacrifice