Zeus’s MDT – Day 28: What are the worst misconceptions about Zeus?

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Today’s topic is the worst misconceptions about Zeus. However, I kind of already wrote about this extensively in Zeus’s MDT – Day 9: Common Mistakes. I have nothing new to add to this really. So I’ll leave this post at linking back to the ninth post of this MDT.



Zeus’s MDT – Day 9: Common Mistakes

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Today is the day we address the big elephant in the room when it comes to people’s ideas about Zeus… Let’s get this over with.

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Hera’s MDT – Day 9: Common Mistakes

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Today I will discuss some common mistakes or misunderstandings or misrepresentations about Hera. I am sure they will be pretty common knowledge among Hellenic polytheists, but it’s still an important topic to discuss in regards to how she is viewed by outsiders. Continue reading