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I’m nothing if not changeable, and so after years of dismissing the idea, I’ve decided to put out a third (and probably final) edition of my first book, Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism Explored. The first edition came out in 2004, the second in 2008. While my thoughts about the practice of the religion itself have not drastically changed since then, the community itself certainly has, as well as the resources available for study. So the bulk of the text in this new edition will remain the same, but I’m going to tweak a few things as needed, update the recommended books and websites, and most importantly, present results of a new survey of the Hellenic polytheist community, with commentary comparing these results to the older surveys. My hope is that this will help Kharis to remain relevant and useful to the current generation of newbies and devotees.

So without further ado, here is the 2019 Hellenic Polytheist Survey. It will be open and collecting responses until July 31. Because I am not nearly as active as I used to be online, I really need help spreading the word about the survey to reach as many self-identified Hellenic polytheists as possible in the coming weeks. I’d love this to be as accurate as possible in reflecting the community. So please share the link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HellenicPolytheistSurvey) anywhere that is relevant (especially social media). Thank you!

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Εις μνήμην του Βλάσση Ράσσια

Γειά σας!

It is sad news that I bring you today. YSEE, one of the main Hellenic polytheistic organisations in Hellas announced yesterday the unexpected passing away of Vlassis Rassias, one of their leaders and co-founders. Vlassis Rassias has been a tireless force for the promotion of Hellenic polytheism, fighting against discrimination and for official recognition by the Hellenic government. He published many books on Hellenic polytheism, though sadly not all are available in English. While I didn’t always agree with Vlassis Rassias or YSEE, I never doubted his commitment to his Gods and the Hellenic religion, or his knowledge and experience. His passing is a great loss to the Hellenic polytheistic community. May Hermes Psykhopompos guide him to the House of the Host of Many, and may he find succour in the Asphodel Fields. Μπορεί να τον οδηγήσει ο Ερμής Ψυχόπομπος στο Δώμα του Πολυδέγμονος, και μπορεί να βρεί ηρεμίαν στα Ασφοδελά Πεδία.


Vlassis Rassias.


Apollon’s MDT – Day 07: Names & Epithets (2)

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today comes the second part of the seventh topic of this Month of Devotional Thought, the epithets and cult titles of Apollon. I split this topic from the first post since the discussion of the etymology of Apollon’s name already took up so much space, that I felt it necessary to make a separate post to deal with His many epithets. Now, since He has so many epithets, this will hardly be an exhaustive list. However, the study of epithets is a very important and useful tool to truly understand how a Deity was honoured in Antiquity, what Their functions are, Their domains, what places They are connected to, etc. This may be even more useful than the study of Their mythology, as it relates to the actual worship rather than just the stories told about Them.

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Apollon’s MDT – Day 31: Tips for Newbies

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Today would normally be the final day of the Month of Devotional Thought, as there are 31 topics. We’re already pouring over into October since September only has 30 days, and we’ll be pouring over a bit more tomorrow and the day after that to accommodate the discussion of epithets and some more festivals I wished to discuss. But on this day I will be giving some tips for newbies, as the title suggests.

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Apollon’s MDT – Day 30: Interesting UPG

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today is going to be a very short topic, as I am supposed to talk about any UPG I may have on Apollon. Yet, as I have stated before, I do not really have any personal relationship with Him at all and have no UPG or personal revelation that He shared with me.

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