Hephaistos’ MDT – Day 12: Temples & Holy Places

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

So, for the first time, I completely forgot to do a blog post for one of these Month” of Devotional Thought”-projects. Like, actually forgot. I thought of it late last night and was like “FUUUUUUUUUCK”! But it was quite late and I was sleepy, so I didn’t consider myself in a proper mindset to do one late last night, so I’m doing it now. You’ll get two posts today then. This post, yesterday’s, is on temples and holy places of Hephaistos. Let get into it.

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Hera’s MDT – Day 7: Names & Epithets

Χαίρετε πάντες!

Today’s topic will be the names and epithets of Hera. First of all, I want to note that her name has a variant spelling and pronunciation in the Ionic and Homeric/Epic dialects of ancient Hellenic. This alternate form is Here (Ἥρη). Also important, her name is already attested in Linear B tablets from the Bronze Age. Linear B is a syllabic script not very well suited to Hellenic, but the Mycenaean Hellenes used it anyway. In this script, her name is written as “e-ra”.

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